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Peak Heritage Seasonal Gins - Nocino

As a distillery we are proud to release our first batch of seasonal winter foraged gins. Our first seasonal offering is an incredible 40% Walnut Nocino.

Using our award winning Peak Heritage London Dry we produced the gin Nocino, an Italian Walnut Liqueur. 

In July, we picked unripe green walnuts from a tree next to our cottage on the farm. These were infused with bourbon coffee beans, Madagascan Vanilla pods and a mix of secret spices in a 70% Peak Heritage London Dry. Sugar is added after the infusion to taste.

Tradition has it that Nocino must not be drank until after the 3rd November! We kept to this tradition and bottled it just after that date! 

You might be wondering what a Nocino tastes like and what to do with it? Well, a Nocino is a dark-brown, aromatic liqueur. It is bittersweet and slightly spicy with a lovely sweetness. Our recipe included coffee beans so there is a lovely hint of coffee.

As to what to do with it. It's a great on its own or over ice. Cocktail wise, it makes a lovely White Russian, Expresso Martini, Manhattan and a Nocino Sour. It makes a fabulous addition to a cream coffee and would work well in a festive Eggnog.

You can find out many other cocktails to make with this fabulous drink. 

We made a small batch of the Nocino to test the demand so we only have about 30 bottles available. Already proving popular with customers, we will definitely be making more of this fantastic gin for 2021. 

Available in the shop and on the website. Get yours quick before they are all sold out!