Craft Candles and Gifts made on site here on Church Farm. Open 10 to 4 Monday to Friday.

The Turnip House

We've been working incredibly hard on Church Farm over the past few weeks.

We are rebuilding the original Grain Artisan Distillery as it was when we set the business up in Matlock a couple of years ago, before moving to Church Farm in Barlow.

We have a beautiful space next to the shop, which has a rich history. The barn is called The Turnip House, many years ago it was used to produce layered cakes of oats, barley and mashed turnips which were fed to the cattle on the farm. The cattle would have been tied up in the barn which houses our shop now!

Anyway, we are installing the original 50 litre pot still and a 10 litre alembic still into The Turnip House. We are fitting a huge floor to ceiling window allowing interested folk to view the distillery, see it in action and then hopefully pop next door and buy some of the fine micro batch gins being made in the distillery.

We are also distilling essential oils and hydrosols too, as we are launching a range of candles, soaps and hydrosols all made with fruit, herbs, flowers and botanicals that we have foraged and grown ourselves. 

The shop opens at 10am on July 4th and the distillery should be ready to view on August 1st. 

Exciting times!